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[Webinar] 5 Things Your AV Won’t Stop

Every day the news is filled with headlines of malware, data loss and breaches. It’s obvious the trend is on the rise. With over 60,000 unique malware samples discovered each day blacklisting technology like your Anti-Virus can’t keep up.

[Webinar] Managing Insider Threats: 4 Risks You Need to Mitigate

Event Date: Thursday, November 3rd at 10am PT / 1pm ET Organizations are investing in IT security solutions to protect their networks. CIOs are creating organization-wide policies to protect workstations and company data alike. And within these policies lies a usage component for acceptable employee behaviors. It’s always a struggle to strike a balance between flexibility and security. But how are you enforcing employee policies? Internal threats are hitting the top charts of IT security worries. We’re no longer talking about disgruntled employees with a vendetta, but human error. In light of the fact that employees spend 25% of their working hours online for non-work matters, how do you know those sites are safe? Anti-virus alone will not protect your business from poisoned links, malware laced downloads, and social media scams. It’s all about the people. As sophisticated cybercriminals continue to shift their focus to target the human element, your organization’s traditional defense strategy is not enough. Join us for this exclusive webinar where you will learn: Human curiosity and Internet risks Other risks posed by unsuspecting employees The truth about anti-virus protection What you can do to protect your organization Space is limited. Reserve your spot today!

[Webinar] Inside the Mind of Today’s Cyber Criminal

Staying on top of emerging threats can be overwhelming for even the most skilled IT Pro. The IT security threat landscape is heating up with the creation of 73,000 unique samples of malware daily. Organizations are paying the price as the average cost of a data breach has reached a staggering $7.2 million.

Classroom Collaboration Has Never Been Easier Thanks to Faronics Insight 7.6

Faronics announced today the release of Faronics Insight 7.6. The latest version of the popular classroom management software features strengthened teacher control and administration, enhanced student monitoring, and improved support for assorted technology platforms including Ubuntu Linux, Multipoint Server 2011, and Vernier LabQuest. Instructors can now monitor students easier thanks to a screen feed feature which allows teachers to view student monitors randomly. Educators can also get through administrative duties more quickly with testing enhancements, such as the ability to add students to tests already in progress, as well as the ability to collectively send out and receive folders and directories. Finally science teachers will benefit from the support for Vernier LabQuest, a probe for scientific diagnostics. Faronics Insight empowers instructors to educate, monitor, and communicate with an entire class from one central computer, or a portable device, such as Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod. Instructors can share their screen with students, control student access to applications and websites, and monitor classroom screens to ensure students are on task. Instructors no longer need to deal with classroom distractions—such as games, instant messaging, and web surfing—when teaching a class. Insight students are kept on task and engaged in an environment where technology accelerates their learning.  “Insight 7.6 gives teachers the confidence to embrace technology as a learning tool, while eliminating distractions,” said Graham Vair, Product Manager for Insight. “Now teachers can walk around the classroom working with students one-on-one, while knowing that the entire class is still focused and engaged with Continue Reading...

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