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Security isn’t a product. You cannot simply buy one single tool and magically enable security. Ensuring security is about doing what you can – at multiple levels – to ensure the bad guys keep stumbling over various blocks that you put in their way.

Faronics is excited to announce the immediate availability of a white paper on the subject of anti-virus, and the need for layered-defense approach. The paper, entitled “Anti-Virus and the Layered-Defense Approach: What You Need to Know for True Full End-Point Protection,” discusses the elements of layered defense, and what to look for in an anti-virus solution.

The idea of layered defense is not new, but security experts often don’t explain why it is a good idea. This white paper addresses some of the layers you likely already have, and what you can do to make those layers more effective.

The paper is written by Byron Hynes, infrastructure and security specialist with over 25 years in IT.

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