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Faronics is proud to announce the release of Power Save v3.3 for Windows and v3.0 for Mac computers. Both versions introduce feature additions and enhancements to Power Save as well as tighter integration with Core Console, Faronics’ enterprise computer management tool. Core Console provides easy deployment, scheduling, and control abilities for a number of the company’s products.

Faronics was the first to bring to market a multi-platform computer energy management solution that worked on both Windows and Mac computers. Mac computers running Power Save are now able to report back to Faronics Core Console, which simplifies savings report generation in environments with both Windows and Mac versions of Power Save deployed.

Core Console can consolidate the savings from the Windows and Mac computers and generate a single report for the entire deployment. This makes it easier for organizations to measure and verify their Power Save return on investment and see the savings through one reporting system.

Power Save’s reporting has also been enhanced with Energy Consumption Profiles that contain the energy consumption values for Apple’s Mac computer product line. This enables Core Console to automatically detect the Mac computer type, assign the corresponding power consumption values, and generate a report using these numbers. Both these features represent evolutionary steps towards Power Save for Windows and Mac being unified under a single console, and as a testament to Faronics’ commitment towards advancing the energy efficiency of Windows and Mac computers.

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