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Faronics Power Save’s reporting feature provides IT administrators with the ability to specify the local energy rates as well as the power consumption levels of the computers and monitors. Version 3.2 introduces support for multiple Energy Consumption Profiles, providing greater flexibility for multiple computer /monitor combinations and increased accuracy to Faronics Power Save’s energy and dollar savings reports. It is now also possible to group workstations via dynamically defined parameters — such as department, location, user group, and even the above-mentioned Energy Consumption Profiles — when managing Faronics Power Save through Faronics Core Console. Faronics Core Console is Faronics’ enterprise computer management tool which provides easy deployment, scheduling, and control abilities for a number of the company’s products.

IT administrators can also use Faronics Power Save’s Wake-on-LAN capabilities to switch remote computers on, either on demand or at scheduled times. This is important as it allows computers to remain off during non-business hours, but be powered on in time for a maintenance period. Additionally, IT administrators who have struggled with successfully implementing Wake-on-LAN across subnets will be excited to know that Faronics Power Save makes this an effortless task. Faronics Power Save has the ability to designate workstations on remote subnets as Wake-on-LAN relays. When Core Console attempts to wake up a workstation on a remote subnet, it contacts the WOL relay(s) on that subnet and uses it to re-broadcast the wake up message to the computer(s) on the target subnet. Thanks to this feature, IT administrators are able to manage computers across multiple network subnets without opening network ports or upgrading network equipment. Version 3.2 also introduces the ability to power a workstation on via any web browser.

Improvements to Faronics Power Save’s energy and dollar savings reports have made it easier for organizations to see and share the benefits of reducing their carbon footprint. The newly added Summary Report displays workstation savings by Energy Consumption Profile — perfect for situations where a macro view of the total savings generated is desired. In v3.2, the Audit mode reports display the projected annual savings as calculated by Faronics Power Save, and reports include an email and print option.

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