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VANCOUVER, B.C, Canada & PLEASANTON, California, USA – Faronics Corporation, a global leader in enterprise system management and endpoint security, is pleased to announce that its Anti-Virus software has been awarded the prestigious VB100 certification by Virus Bulletin, after it was evaluated along with 32 other anti-virus solutions in the last VB100 test conducted in 2017.

Virus Bulletin is an independent testing and certification body that has evaluated and benchmarked several anti-malware and endpoint security software for more than 20 years to help global corporations choose the right solution for strengthening their IT security framework. It also publishes a bi-monthly VB100 certification report on the certified products, that meet the basic standards required to be recognized as fully functioning and legitimate anti-malware solutions.

To earn the VB100 certification, the products must prove to have 100% detection rate for all the current malware and virus samples, enlisted as ‘in the Wild’ by the WildList Organization. In addition, the anti-spam and anti-malware solutions awarded with this certification must not raise any false positives, or false alarms, for detecting malicious behavior/activities in the targeted workstations.

Faronics Anti-Virus obtained an impressive 100% ‘in the Wild’ catch rate in the comparative testing review conducted by Virus Bulletin that was performed on two testing platforms, Windows 7 Professional and Windows 10. It also achieved a remarkable average of 87% on the Reactive And Proactive (RAP) test, which indicates the quickness with which this Faronics solution detects new malware threats. Faronics Anti-Virus software was able to successfully prevent all the files on the WildList, and did not generate any incorrect detections of malware or virus while scanning the entire clean set that included more than 4,50,000 widely used files and programs.

Faronics Anti-Virus offers comprehensive system protection by integrating anti-rootkit, anti-malware, anti-spyware, anti-virus, and firewall protection features in a single solution. This Faronics product leverages a layered security approach for proactive threat detection, and can safeguard the targeted system against emerging threats via real-time analysis of malware behavior.

Developed with next-generation technology, Faronics Anti-Virus has helped global businesses effectively combat highly complex security threats with its fast-paced and powerful malware detection capabilities. It also applies multiple proactive security tiers with the inbuilt firewall to provide absolute protection against deadly virus/malware attacks, which may originate from the Internet or organization network. Faronics AV solution also offers seamless integration with Faronics’ reboot to restore solution called Deep Freeze, enabling the protection of file updates on ‘frozen’ workstations by retaining them across reboots.

Faronics Anti-Virus is available in both on-premise and cloud versions. In addition to its robust protection capabilities, it also features real-time alerts via the Deep Freeze Administrator Mobile App, Email or the Cloud Console to keep you posted on the health of your IT environment.

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