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The Faronics Deep Freeze restart to restore concept has received validation by Microsoft‘s announcement today of the beta program for the Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit for Windows XP SP2. Deep Freeze already protects and preserves the Standard System Configuration on over five million workstations worldwide with a simple reboot. Each restart eradicates all changes and resets the computer to its original state, right down to the last byte. The GUI Enterprise Console provides a central method to install, control and manage all of the workstations in an environment. “We are pleased that Microsoft has validated the restart to restore concept that Faronics pioneered more than five years ago with Deep Freeze,” said Farid Ali, President & CEO of Faronics. “We support Microsoft‘s decision to provide the Shared Computer Toolkit, because it endorses Deep Freeze and the value its restart to restore solution already offers the industry.” “We share a desire with Faronics to help improve the security, privacy and manageability of Windows XP SP2 in shared computer environments,” said John Eversole, Product Manager for the Shared Computer Toolkit at Microsoft Corp. “While the Shared Computer Toolkit takes advantage of technologies that are inherent to Windows XP SP2, other solutions such as Deep Freeze are available for customers who run legacy versions of Windows or who need centralized management of these features.”

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