20 Years and Counting!

The 20 year anniversary marks an important milestone for the company as we look back on our incredible heritage of talent and accomplishments. Faronics is continually investing in new generations of talented staff and we continue to celebrate long term business relationships with our valued customers.

Founded in 1996, Faronics is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia and is a privately-held company with nearly 30,000 unique customers using over nine million licenses in over 150 countries. Faronics has a history of providing excellent value to customers, selling direct and through channel partners to enhance existing relationships, local presence, and value-added services.

Faronics delivers software that helps manage, simplify, and secure multi-user computing environments. Our suite of products ensures 100% workstation availability, and frees up IT teams from tedious technical support and software issues.

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Intellectual Property
Faronics Deep Freeze has been an innovator in Reboot to Restore functionality. The following patents are owned by Faronics Deep Freeze
30,000 unique customers | 150 countries | over 9 million active licences
From education, government and healthcare, to retail, financial and small-to-large corporations, Faronics products support a diverse range of customers and their corresponding networks.

At Faronics, we work closely with various industry organizations and agencies to share information, coordinate our efforts towards common goals, and establish best practices.

Faronics is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and demonstrates an extremely high level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies.

As an ISV, IHV or system builder, Faronics complements technologies and services provided by Novel and completes the set of solutions customers need.

ISTE consists of a worldwide membership of leaders and potential leaders in educational technology. Faronics is a corporate member.

EDUCAUSE helps advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of IT. Faronics is a corporate member.

By using Deep Freeze, the Adobe IT team can guarantee perfectly operational computers for all its attendees at the Adobe Max 2014 event. This helps us achieve our objective of providing hands-on training to creative professionals on the latest Adobe products without interruption.
— Trevor Whitney, IT Events Manager Adobe Systems
Faronics Insight is a great product! It helps our teachers to easily collaborate with students. It not only monitors computers but also helps teachers integrate well with students. On the scale of 1-10, I will definitely give it 11.
— Robert Windheuser Hillsborough County Public Schools, Florida
I really like Deep Freeze as it makes my job so much easier. Kids keep changing the desktop and they feel that they have control of their computers, but actually they don’t. This is because as soon as the computers restart, the desktops go back to where you had set it. You have the control over the computers.
— Joyanne Bethel Winter Haven High School, Florida
We use Deep Freeze on our computer labs across 21 school districts. It is really a great product. It helps us make sure that whenever teachers or students work on the PCs and alter machine setup, all the settings are back to where they were when we restart the PC.
— Jennifer Parker-Moore Macomb Intermediate School District
We use Deep Freeze in our classroom computers and computer labs. What I really love about Deep Freeze is its ability to freeze the settings, so there's uniformity among classrooms. Our students have the habit of customizing computers and browsers. Upon restarting the computers, all the unwanted changes are wiped out. It makes computer management easy and very hassle free.
— Jason Mayer University of Central Florida, Florida
I love Deep Freeze. As s computer teacher with over 10 years experience, it saves me at least 20-30% of my time. The best thing is when students make any changes on the computers, I can just reset them by simply rebooting the system. I can focus more on preparing for classroom lessons.
— Debra Dumas Volusia County School, Florida
Insight has improved productivity in my classroom. I can easily control and monitor the students’ activities on their computers. It is really a good tool for my classroom. We also use a product called Deep Freeze which helps us during malware attack. Please keep producing products like Deep Freeze and Insight.
— Shirley Auxais Hochberg Preparatory School
We have been using Deep Freeze probably from 14 years. Students pull down and store videos, get in viruses and malware stuff during their class. When that machine shuts down at the end of the day, next day when it starts all the unwanted stuff goes away and becomes brand new the next day.
— Dr. William Fletcher Tensas Parish School Board (Louisiana)
It is the best security solution for computer labs in high schools. If you are not using Deep Freeze, then you're wasting a lot of your time repairing children's PC problems rather than spending your time in teaching.
— Dr. John Lanham Jefferson County Public Schools (Kentucky)
We have been using Deep Freeze from 7-8 years in our Mac and Windows lab. It is a tremendous software. Children who like to explore are going to change the background or the settings. But with Deep Freeze in place, the computer is left just as it was earlier with a simple restart.
— Sylvester Washington Sunflower County School District (Mississippi)
We have been using Deep Freeze program for 5-7 years and it has made our job so much easier. I can just restart the computers to fix everything that kids had done, and we are back and running within a minute.
— Bryan Derewonko ATS Project Success (Michigan)
It is absolutely wonderful. We were having so much trouble with children changing desktop settings earlier and with Deep Freeze it is just so nice to be able to get the computer restored. If they have done a lot of changes, I can remove them by logging off and signing back in.
— Susan Parr Union City School (Tennessee)
This saves me a couple of hours every time there is a need to re-image the computers. It is such a time saver and it allows me to keep the computers clean for students to use.
— Steven New East Career & Technical Academy (Nevada)
We have been using Deep Freeze probably for 8-10 years. It is a great resource for us to have. It helps us keep our devices the way they are supposed to be.
— Marianna Husain Eanes ISD (Texas)
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