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Malware infections were incessant at Glenpool Public Schools, primarily as a result of online research and downloads conducted by teachers. The problems were so overwhelming for the district that the IT team spent the majority of their time troubleshooting computers.

Glenpool Public Schools turned to a layered security approach, using Faronics Anti-Virus and Faronics Deep Freeze. Faronics Anti-Virus thwarts all the incoming malware threats throughout the day to ensure run-time protection, while Deep Freeze ensures complete system consistency by returning computers back to their original state with a simple reboot. They were delighted to discover Faronics Anti-Virus was detecting much more malware than any competing anti-virus solutions that had failed to protect the district’s computers in the past.

“Layered security is a no-brainer with the number of threats looming around,” says Greg Atkins, Director of Technology. “When we implemented Faronics Deep Freeze and Faronics Anti-Virus, 90% of our IT support tickets decreased instantaneously”.

Along with the drastic reduction in support tickets, the IT team can now focus on other critical IT projects instead of spending the majority of their days chasing viruses and configuration issues, leaving Atkins very happy.

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