Faronics Cloud offers a simplified and user-friendly approach to managing IT estates. Offering a suite of powerful utilities, Faronics Cloud stands out as requiring minimal effort to set up and use. This makes it an ideal choice for organisations of all sizes looking to streamline their IT management processes. ...
Faronics has a long, proud history of providing exceptional solutions for IT professionals around the world, in all manner of sectors and organisation types. Each of our discreet utilities can be used individually or in combination to solve a wide range of problems for IT administrators. Much akin to...
Eight ways to cut IT costs

Eight ways to cut IT costs

IT managers are always under pressure to deliver smooth performance at the lowest possible cost. Recently that pressure has noticeably increased, since inflation has ramped up across large swathes of the world. The price of everything is going up, a lot. IT departments are focusing even more carefully on savings. Fortu...

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