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For Public Machines

Deep Freeze

  • Reboot to restore
  • Applications & windows updates
  • Usage stats
  • Remote and more
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For Office Machines


  • Deploy & manage applications
  • Automate windows updates
  • OS deployment
  • Remote control, analytics
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Over 30,000 customers are growing their business with Faronics solutions

<p>Over 30,000 customers are growing their business with Faronics solutions</p>

Faronics Products

Faronics Cloud

Cloud-based, real-time deployment for Local and Remote Computers
Powerful mobile device management for iOS, Android and Chromebooks
Comprehensive Protection from Malware & Security Threats

On-Premise Solutions

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Learn how Faronics Deploy can help your IT infrastructure run efficiently
Learn how Faronics Deploy can help your IT infrastructure run efficiently
Deep Freeze Enterprise Overview
Deep Freeze Enterprise Overview
Deep Freeze Cloud
Deep Freeze Cloud

We help you manage all types of devices

Classroom & Lab Computers
Classroom & Lab Computers
Provide a flexible and non-restrictive lab environment where students can focus on learning while your computers stay protected.
Industry - Education >
Point of Sale Computers
Point of Sale Computers
Augment PCI compliance, prevents configuration drift and secure your POS computers from malware that could cause data breaches.
Industry - Retail >
Hospital Computers
Hospital Computers
Erase session data and issues caused by multiple staff accessing patient data on COWs, with every reboot.
Industry - Healthcare >
Critical Operations Computers
Critical Operations Computers
Make toughbooks even tougher. Revert unwanted changes in the operating system and installed software with a simple reboot.
Industry - Government >
Case Studies
Centralized Computer Management
I describe the Cloud Connector as one place to rule them all. It has been vital to our environment and my team could not do without it.
A Solution That Worked
Freezing the systems at their pre-defined state gave a consistent experience to employees and customers as well.
Faronics Deep Freeze and Adobe Systems
Adobe Max deployed Deep Freeze as part of its master image. Instead of trying to fix an issue in the critical 30-minute window, the IT administrators now simply reboot the computers.

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Faronics Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation

VANCOUVER, B.C. & PLEASANTON, Calif.– Faronics Corporation, a global leader in enterprise computer management and endpoint security, is celebrating 20 years of creating technology innovations that have helped...


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