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Faronics and the Climate Savers Computing Initiative announce the release of the Power Management Systems Design Guide that addresses general design principles for making power management faster and more reliable.

Climate Savers Computing is a global nonprofit committed to reducing IT related energy consumption. The Power Management Systems Design Guide, available at Climate Savers Computing, addresses specific reliability challenges of sleep state standby (S3) technology and offers instructions on how to build energy-efficient, power-managed client platforms that will result in a positive user experience. Members of the Climate Savers Computing Power Management Workgroup, which is comprised of technology industry leaders, collaborated and led the development of the new design guide that aligns with power management standards.

Climate Savers Computing recognizes that the PC and the global information and communications technology industry account for approximately 2 percent of global CO2 emissions. As such, the organization considers computer energy consumption an appropriate and necessary target for energy conservation strategies.

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