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TechTarget Covers Faronics Power Save

Greg Shields, Contributing writer for TechTarget, recently wrote an article discussing the energy management options for Vista and Windows Server 2008 systems. In the article, Greg states “The problems with freeware software involve its level of support and available features. The complex process of powering computers off and on within your environment can sometimes be risky. There are often times when middle-of-the-night activities, such as patch management and automated software installation, require Windows systems to be awake to receive updates. In those cases, it is more challenging to use tools like EZ GPO than for-cost solutions like Faronics Power Save.

The Faronics tool goes a step above and beyond what you get with either of the other tools because it enables systems management toolsets to wake up systems as necessary to complete after-hours activities. It also enables power reduction activities to occur based on usage rather than time delays or hard-set hours of the day. Whereas time delays still require a few hours of inactivity before power reduction activities can take place — and where hard-set hours can impact late-working employees — the Faronics toolset makes power-reducing decisions based on actual keyboard and mouse movements and processor utilization. This means that as soon as activity ceases, you can begin saving money.

Along with that extensibility, Faronics Power Save is also available at a low cost.

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