Reboot to Restore Software for Government Computers | 100% System Availability for Mission Critical Systems

100% System Availability for Mission Critical Systems

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Restore Mission Critical Systems with a single reboot

Restore Mission Critical Systems with a single reboot

Protect Critical Data with Patented Technology

Protect Critical Data with Patented Technology

Secure Public Record Systems

Secure Public Record Systems

Protect Law Enforcement Systems

Protect Law Enforcement Systems

We Help you Manage All Types of Devices

Mobile Data Computers
Mobile teams can now fix technical issues in their computers with a single reboot. Avoid delays in field operations by fixing issues instantly.
Data Servers
Protect servers from virus, spyware, rootkits, ransomware and unwanted changes. Protect critical data by maintaining a clean system with pristine configuration.
Digital Evidence Kiosks
Erase sensitive data with a reboot and stay compliant with state and federal regulations. Fix issues with multi-user systems with a single reboot.
Dispatch Systems
Ensure 100% uptime for first responder systems and eliminate the delay in response due to computer downtime.
Laptops and Notebooks
Reduce IT costs to fix, update, and maintain computers across your organization. Preserve configuration in its pristine state and avoid computer downtime.
Multi-location offices
Protect, secure, update, deploy, and manage computers across multiple locations from a browser.
Self Service Kiosks
Create secure citizen service kiosks by allowing only specific applications to run.

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Union City School (Tennessee)

It is absolutely wonderful. We were having so much trouble with children changing desktop settings earlier and with Deep Freeze it is just so nice to be able to get the computer restored. If they have done a lot of changes, I can remove them by logging off and signing back in.

Susan Parr
Union City School (Tennessee)

East Career & Technical Academy (Nevada)

This saves me a couple of hours every time there is a need to re-image the computers. It is such a time saver and it allows me to keep the computers clean for students to use.

Steven New
East Career & Technical Academy (Nevada)

Hillsborough County Public Schools, Florida

Faronics Insight is a great product! It helps our teachers to easily collaborate with students. It not only monitors computers but also helps teachers integrate well with students. On the scale of 1-10, I will definitely give it 11.

Robert Windheuser
Hillsborough County Public Schools, Florida
“Deep Freeze and Anti-Executable are crucial to preserving an image determined for mission critical law enforcement systems used 24×7 to ensure reliability and security with minimal downtime and with the least reliance on IT personnel.”
Chief Tim Riley
LAPD’s Information and Communication Services Bureau
Los Angeles Police Department
Improving mission-critical systems uptime

Improving mission-critical systems uptime

The LAPD decided to deploy Faronics Deep Freeze, an instant system restore solution that restores the MDC to its original configuration with a simple restart. To lock down computers and ensure officers focus on their patrol duties only, the LAPD implemented Faronics Anti-Executable. As a security solution, Anti-Executable allows the LAPD to restrict any unauthorized applications and malicious executable files from installing and running on the MDC.
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