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Bryan Martin, Coeur D`Alene District`s Director of Maintenance, was looking for ways the Maintenance department could help the district save money. Since Maintenance was the department responsible for paying the district`s energy bill, Bryan saw just how much the district was spending and knew that there was an element of ‘energy waste` involved. He knew that by deploying new technologies and practices, the Maintenance department could play a key role in reducing the district`s energy waste and costs. One area where Mr. Martin wanted to reduce energy use was the Technology department. Classroom computers and monitors were not always being powered down by students and teachers at the end of the school day. Coeur D`Alene District`s Director of Technology, Jean Bengfort, agreed that a computer energy management policy that relied on user action was not practical or effective.

Learn how Coeur D`Alene School District is now saving as much as $300,000 over the course of three years thanks to Faronics` desktop computer energy management solution, Power Save. In fact, Coeur D`Alene School District enjoyed an immediate return on investment with Power Save, thanks to rebates provided by local power authorities that covered the total license cost.

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