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EDTECH Magazine recently wrote a news story about how schools are using the latest technologies to save money and increase their ROI. The following excerpt discusses Faronics Power Save and its energy and financial savings benefits.

“To reduce its energy bill, California’s Modesto City Schools installed remote power management software that will automatically shut down the district’s PCs at night, a move that will save roughly $300,000 a year in electricity costs, says Harold Rhodes, the district’s Supervisor of Computer Systems.

It is district policy to turn off computers at day’s end, but many computers are left on all night and through the weekend. “We can tell people to turn the computers off until we’re blue in the face, and many still won’t do it,” says Stan Trevena, the district’s Director of Information and Technology Services.

In February, the district installed Faronics’ Power Save software on 6,200 PCs essentially for free through a rebate program from its power company. The IT department initially will pay $62,000 — $10 per PC — and the utility will send a full rebate once it verifies the software’s installation.”


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