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Faronics is happy to make three new version announcements this week, starting with the latest version of its enterprise network management platform, Faronics Core Console v2.4. This release features several enhancements to performance and workstation management, including the ability to schedule, execute, configure tasks on groups of workstations.

Power Save Enterprise, Anti-Executable Enterprise, and WINSelect Enterprise all use Faronics Core Console as their native central management console. Therefore, all of those products inherit the benefits of Core Console v2.4.

Faronics Anti-Executable v3.2 brings forth improved white list management, such as remote white list scanning and support for multiple locations. It is also now possible to search white lists and merge multiple white lists together.

By far the biggest benefit of Faronics WINSelect v7.11 is the fact that configuration changes are now applied immediately, which means IT administrators do not need to perform a logoff/logon cycle when making configuration changes.

For more information on the new features added to each product, read the Release Notes for Anti-Executable and WINSelect.

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