Robert Windheuser, Technology Specialist, says how Insight helps their teachers in removing distractions and bringing about collaboration among their students easily.
— Robert Windheuser Hillsborough County Public Schools, Florida
Joyanne Bethel, Network Manager, says how Deep Freeze helps their teachers to restore the original system configuration of student machines with simple restart.
— Joyanne Bethel Winter Haven High School, Florida
Jennifer Parker-Moore, Interactive Learning Consultant, speaks about how Deep Freeze helps them to maintain workstations configuration in terms of reducing PC troubleshooting issues.
— Jennifer Parker-Moore Macomb Intermediate School District
Jason Mayer, IT Department Manager, speaks about how they easily manage the Windows updates while Deep Freeze installed on their machines.
— Jason Mayer University of Central Florida, Florida
Debra Dumas speaks about how Deep Freeze has reduced maintenance overloads and saved her time so that she can easily concentrate on analysis work.
Volusia County School, Florida
Shirley Auxais, Technology Specialist, speaks about how Deep Freeze and Insight improved productivity in classroom and protected their computers from viruses/ malware attacks.
— Shirley Auxais Hochberg Preparatory School
We have been using Deep Freeze probably from 14 years. Students pull down and store videos, get in viruses and malware stuff during their class. When that machine shuts down at the end of the day, next day when it starts all the unwanted stuff goes away and becomes brand new the next day.
— Dr. William Fletcher Tensas Parish School Board (Louisiana)
It is the best security solution for computer labs in high schools. If you are not using Deep Freeze, then you're wasting a lot of your time repairing children's PC problems rather than spending your time in teaching.
— Dr. John Lanham Jefferson County Public Schools (Kentucky)
We have been using Deep Freeze from 7-8 years in our Mac and Windows lab. It is a tremendous software. Children who like to explore are going to change the background or the settings. But with Deep Freeze in place, the computer is left just as it was earlier with a simple restart.
— Sylvester Washington Sunflower County School District (Mississippi)
We have been using Deep Freeze program for 5-7 years and it has made our job so much easier. I can just restart the computers to fix everything that kids had done, and we are back and running within a minute.
— Bryan Derewonko ATS Project Success (Michigan)
It is absolutely wonderful. We were having so much trouble with children changing desktop settings earlier and with Deep Freeze it is just so nice to be able to get the computer restored. If they have done a lot of changes, I can remove them by logging off and signing back in.
— Susan Parr Union City School (Tennessee)
This saves me a couple of hours every time there is a need to re-image the computers. It is such a time saver and it allows me to keep the computers clean for students to use.
— Steven New East Career & Technical Academy (Nevada)
We have been using Deep Freeze probably for 8-10 years. It is a great resource for us to have. It helps us keep our devices the way they are supposed to be.
— Marianna Husain Eanes ISD (Texas)
We use Deep Freeze at the school I work at. Great product for securing laptops.
— Nicholas Thomas, Support Engineer Capita
I bought my DeepFreeze 6.2x five years ago. (Currently I'm using 6.30) In November 2008 I installed Windows XP on my computer and since then I haven't had to reinstall it! Previously, it needed to be done every six months. Flawless! Thanks to Faronics.
— Peter Krima, System Administrator and EUS Specialist IT Company Ltd.
I love Deep Freeze software, restart computer, all problems gone.
— Real Huang, Marketing manager Shanghai Jingbao Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
Easy deployed and user problems decreased by 95%.
— Alwyn Blignaut, Owner Netsec
Desde que distribuimos Deep Freeze en España hemos conseguido reducir los costes de soporte de miles de Centros Educativos y empresas en más de un 40%.
— Josep A. Macia, CEO Qualiteasy Internet Solutions S.L.
Easy to use and install. Eliminates prolonged infections by malware. At restart all the headache is gone, and my customers are good for business.
— Rehan Ahmad, Managing Director Meissa Group Sdn. Bhd.
Deep Freeze est utilisé pour sécuriser les ordinateurs et les réseaux informatiques dans la majorité des institutions scolaires du Québec autant au niveau primaire, secondaire, collégial qu'universitaire. Je vous invite à télécharger une version d'évaluation gratuite afin que vous puissiez constater la puissance de cette solution.
— Claude Gauthier Education Management, Canada
A brilliant product that has helped keep our PCs in public areas free from unwanted viruses and other downloads. A simple reboot and everything is back.
— Steven Harrison, Group ICT Officer North Star Housing Group
We use this through out our organisation and it really makes our life easier.
— Daniel Cater, I.T Co-ordinator Academy of Contemporary Music
Deep Freeze it´s one of the most suitable products for IT environment in terms of cost reductions and less cost for IT managers. Just Reboot it and solve it :)
— Marcelo Díaz, CEO MAKROS
Faronics Deep Freeze, Anti-Executable and Power Save products provide total solutions to protect you’re Data. They are a great value too!
— Glen Axne, Regional Sales Manager GHA Technologies
Transformed the way we supported lab workstations and saved us so many rebuilds I can't count. Awesome, game changing product.
— Rob Childs, Systems Manager Birmingham City University
Take a frozen snapshot of a workstation's configuration, and each time you restart, restore back to this. Awesome!
— Micky Po, Sales Executive New Business at Trustco
Deep Freeze has been a very successful solution for many of our schools. We at Logisoft support Faronics and all of their products completely.
— Susan Hogan, CEO/Cofounder SMS Tech Solutions
Deep Freeze es un gran producto. Todos deberíamos contar con él en nuestros equipos de cómputo. Excelente solución para disminuir costos de TI en escuelas y empresas.
— David Montoya, Burstorm Account Manager Grupo Scanda
What do I think about Faronics Deep Freeze? It's simple, it is the only solution I need to be in the place I want when I want. With Deep Freeze I have no worries about viruses, accidents and even attacks to my organization's computers because the hardest thing to do is to RESET the computer and "voilá", everything is fine... I can continue with my life. No doubt, Deep Freeze is a totally a "must-have" in any size of organization.
— Jorge Jimenez, Financial Advisor SMNYL
A dead simple enterprise solution.
— Art Hedman, System Administrator Seattle Public Schools
I love to sell this product, it has help my customers.
— Sean Albertson, Solutions Analyst Computerland Network Technologies
I've had an excellent experience from start to finish. Dealt with a very quick, flexible and knowledgable support team. The documentation is easily digestible and to the point. Couldn't ask for a better product to implement in a lab environment.
— Jose Mendez, Support Systems Analyst Austin Lane Technologies, Inc.
Faronics Deep Freeze es una potente herramienta de congelado de disco con solo reiniciar vulve a la configuración por defecto que se deja la equipo, este Software me ayudó mucho frente a daños en el sistema que se ocasionaban por mal funcionamiento de los usuarios y por virus. Si desean terminar con estas molestias les sugiero que se contacten con Faronics para puedan adquirir este potente software y poder proteger y ayudar a la no reproducción de virus.
— Alexis Herrera, Auxiliar Administrativo Universidad de Antioquia