Faronics Power Save and Howard Community College
“ Power Save helps organizations gain the benefits of energy management without any investment in expensive server technology."
- Sung Lee, Howard Community College
Challenges faced

Howard Community College (HCC) is an award-winning higher education institution located in Columbia, Maryland. In addition to the computers used by the 500+ employees of HCC, the IT department of HCC maintains 2020 student workstations and 27 servers campus-wide. The Director of Student Computer Support for Howard Community College recognized that there was no need for HCC’s computers to be running during periods where computer labs were not being used. HCC needed a power management solution that allowed them to maximize energy savings while computers were not in use, while still allowing users to quickly wake computers up when they were needed.

A Solution That Worked

The intelligent energy management features of Faronics Power Save was exactly what Howard Community College needed. Power Save has a unique feature that no other energy management software has—the ability to initiate energy conservation policies based on CPU, disk, and application activity. Power Save also enables IT administrators to prevent any energy management from taking place when certain applications are running. HCC is saving $4200 per month—that works out to over $50,000 in energy savings per year! That’s $50,000 that Howard Community College now has to buy new IT equipment and software, hire more personnel, or invest into employee training.

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Faronics Power Save and Howard Community College