Faronics Power Save and ADT Fire & Security
"Power Save’s centralized control capabilities along with its enterprise-wide savings reporting gave it the winning edge over the other solutions reviewed. "
- Roger Bunting, Computer Services Manager
Challenges faced

ADT is the world’s largest electronic security and alarm monitoring company, providing solutions that protect buildings and businesses. Supporting ADT’s operations in the United Kingdom and Ireland are 3,000 desktops and laptops spread across thirty different locations. The company realized that if they could power the computers down during periods of inactivity, ADT would stand to save a significant amount of money, and more importantly, energy. A new environmental campaign called Project Greenfoot had recently been launched to help ADT employees reduce their carbon footprint and save energy.

A Solution That Worked

ADT deployed Power Save to save power on inactive systems. ADT UK currently has Power Save installed on 2,700 desktop and laptop computers. From March 2009 to July 2009, ADT UK has saved 181,037 kWh of electricity. Power Save has enabled ADT to support one of its key strategic objectives for this year and beyond, which is to reduce its carbon footprint, save energy and become a much greener company. As a result of its success in the UK, the software will now be rolled out in a phased approach to all fire and security operations in the entire EMEA region.