Faronics Deep Freeze Mac and La Mesa-Spring Valley School District
“The difference that using Deep Freeze Mac made was huge, Immediately, we saw the amount of support time devoted to our Macs easily cut to 5% of what we had been spending prior to installing Deep Freeze. Deep Freeze eliminated 95% of all the software issues we were encountering so that almost the only difficulties we had were hardware-related.”
- Richard Ribley, Support Technician at La Mesa-Spring Valley
Challenges faced

La Mesa-Spring Valley School District is a K-8 district located in the East County of San Diego. District-wide there are approximately 1,600 workstations running on a Novell core network. Though Windows workstations are used by administrative staff, Macs are used for educational purposes by students and teachers. La Mesa-Spring Valley IT staff found that the teachers often wouldn't know how to rectify user-created difficulties or, if they did, would spend more time fixing the problems than teaching - a situation that didn’t work for either teacher or students. A computer could easily be out of commission for a week.

A Solution That Worked

The IT staff at the La Mesa-Spring Valley School District deployed Deep Freeze on their Mac OS X systems. The teachers could easily rectify the problems in the systems with a simple reboot. Any unwanted changes by the students were also erased with a simple reboot. With Deep Freeze, they could also map folders so students could save data to the appropriate location.