Faronics Deep Freeze & Anti-Virus and Glenpool Public Schools
"When we implemented Faronics Deep Freeze and Faronics Anti-Virus, 90% of our IT support tickets decreased instantaneously."
- Greg Atkins, Director of Technology
Challenges Faced

Of all the IT tickets received by the IT department at Glenpool Public Schools, 90% were related to anomalies with software performance, system performance or viruses. The IT department was facing an uphill battle with ensuring optimum software and system performance on one hand and preventing viruses on the other hand. Advanced malware was another critical threat that stole the users' identity and credit card information.

A Solution That Worked

Glenpool Public Schools used the Faronics Layered Security approach to thwart multiple threats. Faronics Anti-Virus was deployed to protect against malware and viruses. Deep Freeze was deployed to protect systems from software and system issues and ensured optimum performance.

Anti Malware Software from Faronics a No-Brainer for Glenpool Public Schools
by Ryan Majeau

“Warning! You are at risk of infection from malware!”

Perhaps you have seen this warning before when browsing the internet. The wording might be different but the message is the same. Along with the warning there is usually a solution offered, simply purchase an anti-virus program by link provided. To an unsuspecting victim this may sound like great news. Unfortunately for them, they don’t realize that they are actually installing the malware they were warned about, and the purchase also stole their credit card and personal information. Oops.

Malware is becoming more and more advanced every day, enlisting tactics—like with these rogue anti-virus programs or maybe PDFs link to infected websites—to trick you into installing it. The threat comes from everywhere too—the web, email, even USB flash drives. Regardless of where it comes from the goal is always the same. Corrupt your operating system, steal your information and in some cases to actually use your computer to distribute more malware!

At Glenpool Public Schools, malware was incessant, primarily as a result of online research and downloads conducted by teachers.  IT staff spent almost all of their time troubleshooting computers.

“90% of our IT support tickets revolved around viruses or anomalies with software and system performance,” says Greg Atkins, Director of Technology.

When looking for an anti malware software solution, Glenpool Public Schools turned to a layered security approach, using Faronics Anti-Virus and Faronics Deep Freeze.

Faronics Anti-Virus thwarts all the incoming malware threats throughout the day and Deep Freeze ensures complete system consistency by returning computers back to their original state with a simple reboot.

“Layered security is a no-brainer with the number of threats looming around,” says Atkins.

After installing anti malware software, support tickets dropped by 90%. IT staff are now able to focus on other critical IT projects without worrying about what malware tricks the teachers will fall for next.


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