Faronics WINSelect and Newburgh Enlarged City School District
"I really didn’t see any other product out there that was as powerful as WINSelect, yet simple to learn and use."
- Nelson Colon, Educational Technology Liaison
Challenges faced

Newburgh Enlarged City School District is located at “The Crossroads of the Northeast,” an area on the west bank of the Hudson River 60 miles north of New York City. NECSD is comprised of 2,200 staff and 13,000 students spread across 22 buildings. The network infrastructure consists of 4,000 workstations, 75 servers, 200 routers or switches, and 400 wireless access points. Limiting a computer’s functions is an important part of protecting a computer’s purpose. Having fully-functional computers placed in environments where only limited-functionality is required carries the possibility of computers being used by students in a distractive or inappropriate way.

A Solution That Worked

The IT staff at Newburgh Enlarged City School District deployed WINSelect to restrict functionality on their computers. Faronics WINSelect allowed the IT administrators of NECSD to easily tailor the operating system and application functionality of their student workstations to only include the features required for student work. It has also made it very simple to quickly lockdown a lab to create a limited-access or ‘simple’ machines that are perfectly suited for classrooms with young children. The children benefit from a simplified interface, and IT personnel are ensured that computers are free from unwanted application and web browsing activity.