Faronics Power Save and Thrane & Thrane
"It was essential for us to choose a solution that interacted well with our business. This is why we chose Faronics Power Save."
- Morten Lyckegaard, IT Operations Manager
Challenges faced

Thrane & Thrane is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of global mobile satellite and radio communications for use at sea, on land, and in air. The company was established in 1981 and currently employs approximately 600 employees worldwide, operating on over 800 workstations and 100 servers in an all-Windows environment. Because of the central role computers play in both development and production at Thrane & Thrane, it is often required that computers remain powered on during evenings and over weekends. Thrane & Thrane did not have an existing centralized PC power management plan, so any shut-down settings were left to the users to decide which led to a lot of energy waste. Thrane & Thrane began searching for possible PC power management solutions and came across Faronics Power Save.

A Solution That Worked

Thrane & Thrane initially began the deployment of Power Save on the server side, but have now turned their focus towards PCs, which account for a significantly larger share of power than the server room. With the help of Power Save’s Power Plans, Thrane & Thrane can further customize different levels of energy management for specific days of the week, and at different times of the day. Thanks to the implementation of Faronics Power Save, the Danish satellite specialist is now saving 250,000 Danish Kroner a year (45,000 U$). With the help of a grant from Danish Oil and Gas (DONG), the investment in Power Save will pay for itself within the year.

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Faronics Power Save and Thrane & Thrane