Technology Scrapes Away Plaque On Dental Education

Technology Scrapes Away Plaque On Dental Education

Many dentists have been using technology as of late; one dental school is using it to teach.

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But it seems Apples and dentists go together quite nicely. Seen an iPad at a dentist’s office yet? They’re there. That’s why it makes a lot of sense for Southern Illinois University’s School of Dental Medicine to ramp up classroom software and start training students on how to best use emerging technology. The school will break ground on a new lab this fall.

The new “simulation lab” will include flat-panel monitors at each workstation, where students will be able to work with simulated patients and patient records. The state of Illinois is helping with the construction, but the school is paying for the new technology. Students and schools everywhere have been finding great use technology like this in exchange for the old use of classroom software.

“As we endeavor to offer our students the best possible preparatory experience before they begin treating patients on a regular basis, the new simulation lab will more realistically simulate the actual clinical environment,” said Bruce Rotter, interim dean of the School of Dental Medicine. “The new simulation lab will unquestionably enhance the outstanding dental education that we provide for our students.”

Cutting-edge tech of this sort is not limited to dental programs. According to an ARA article that appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “chalk and blackboards just do not cut it in today’s schools,” as many educators at all college levels are using technology to help increase students’ ability to focus.

“Technology is an essential part of young people’s lives today – and bringing that technology into the learning environment is a natural extension of our goal to make learning relevant,” said Theo Eggleston, academic dean at Everest University in Tampa, according to the news source.

What kind of technology do you think needs to be brought to schools? Leave us a comment!

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