Faronics Announces Anti-Executable Security Suite, Offers Layered Security Threat Protection Platform

Only Solution Available with a Zero-Disruption, 3-Stage Deployment Process

VANCOUVER, BC and PLEASANTON, CA – (Faronics Corporation – Jul 21, 2017) – Faronics Corporation, a global leader in enterprise computer management and endpoint security, announced today its new Anti-Executable Security Suite solution. The Anti-Executable Security Suite addresses the need for enterprises to deploy and continuously update a layered defense infrastructure against both internal and external threats.

“Anti-Executable Security Suite arms enterprises with the ability to aggressively and proactively protect critical data assets against cyber threats that are becoming increasingly frequent and sophisticated,” said Heman Mehta, Director of Product Management, at Faronics. Not only does the suite prevent the execution of files based on hash value, digital signatures and publishers, the Anti-Executable Security Suite is the only solution that comes with a patented instant restore function that eradicates all malicious changes with a simple restart.

Faronics’ Anti-Executable Security Suite protects your computer with multiple layers:

  • Proactive Security Barrier – Anti-Executable only allows approved programs to go through and stops threats like targeted attacks, zero-day threats and mutated viruses. Anti-Ransomware measures include the ability to stop processes from trying to rename file extensions that are known to be set by ransomware exploits, stopping Ransomware before it starts encrypting your data.
  • Active Antivirus Protection – Industry-leading antivirus stops all known malware, like viruses, worms, and Trojans if it somehow gets through the proactive barrier. The antivirus also includes advanced firewall protection.
  • Restorative Remediation Measures – At its highest enforcement level, the platform comes built-in with a powerful patented reset mechanism. Just rebooting systems will destroy any malware and restore your systems to normal instantly.

Faronics’ new solution offers enterprises several important features:

  • System-assisted Deployment – Automated whitelist creation for existing environments with applications already installed on computers. A three-phase Staged Deployment approach that gives IT and security teams the ability to deploy Anti-Executable Security Suite in an “audit” mode and build a custom control list. This enables teams to effectively deploy into active environments without requiring IT teams to re-image computers. Teams can build a Control List configuration from a “template” computer, allowing them to build a single system containing all the files to allow, and then apply that list to systems and prevent any other files from running. The system suggests when teams should switch deployments modes from low to high without affecting day-to-day operations.
  • Advanced Granular Control – In addition to .exe, .scr, .jar, .bat, and .com extensions, IT teams can also monitor files like DLL, JAR, VB Scripts and PowerShell executables.
  • Anti-Ransomware – A new Ransomware protection setting, which provides the ability to easily implement restrictions on an endpoint to help protect against threat vectors that fall outside of malicious applications, such as forcing pop-up blockers, disabling Windows Scripting Host, disabling VB Scripts, etc.
  • Real-time Alerts – Active alerting enables IT teams to define behaviors and thresholds that proactively notify the team if malicious or unwanted activity is taking place within the environment. Alerts are sent via push notification to the mobile app as well as through email and central console.
  • Cloud Administration and Dashboarding – Offers granular control of policies applied. IT teams can retrieve and manipulate local Control List from the Cloud console. A dashboard containing widgets that provides visual information at a glance, shows trends and allows teams to make micro-modifications easily.

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For more information about Faronics’ new Anti-Executable Security Suite solutions, please contact or call +1-800-943-6422.

About Faronics
With a well-established record of helping businesses manage, simplify, and secure their IT infrastructure, Faronics makes it possible to do more with less by maximizing the value of existing technology. Faronics is the only endpoint security software vendor to offer a comprehensive layered security solution consisting of user lockdown, anti-virus, application whitelisting, and instant system restore protection. Incorporated in 1996, Faronics has offices in the USA, Canada, Singapore and the UK, as well as a global network of channel partners. Our solutions are deployed in over 150 countries worldwide, and are helping more than 30,000 organizations.


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Heman, aka: He-Man, is the "Master of Deep Freeze" and VP of Product Management. He has been with Faronics for more than 10 years and is (of course) the biggest evangelist of Deep Freeze. When not living the "PM Lifestyle", you'll find him traveling the world—his last count was at about 38 countries visited.

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