Deep Freeze Enterprise 7.5: Windows Updates Just Got Easier

Deep Freeze Enterprise 7.5: Windows Updates Just Got Easier

We’re excited to announce the release of Deep Freeze 7.5!

Listening to Our Users

We launched a survey of 5,700 customers to understand how we could improve Deep Freeze. The most popular comment asked us to make it easier to schedule windows updates and install them from within Deep Freeze. It turns out some users didn’t even know how to automate the Windows Update process!

After identifying the top feature requests, we formed a new User Voice Beta Community to test the improvements in a Beta Program. Then we conducted usability tests on new interfaces to ensure they were easy to use. Check out our new enhancements.


  • Cache Windows Updates – You can now download Windows updates on Frozen machines! Updates are ready to install when the Windows Update Workstation Task initiates. You still choose to download the updates from the Microsoft Windows Update website or your WSUS.
  • Detect Windows Update Completion – Say good-bye to guessing when maintenance periods should end. When periods were too short, workstations rebooted during their updates creating boot loops. Now machines will simply reboot Frozen or shutdown at the end of your Windows Update Workstation Task.
  • Master Boot Record (MBR) Protection – Securing the MBR prevents injections from rootkits like TDL3 and TDL4. Now you’ll be even more bulletproof!
  • Usability Enhancements – After hours of usability tests, Windows Updates are even simpler to configure. “Maintenance” has become 3 tasks: Windows Update, Batch File, and Thawed Period (to Thaw and do nothing).
  • Workstation Task Summary – The Embedded Events tab was renamed to Workstation Tasks to summarize all of your tasks.
  • Larger Hard Drive Support – We now support larger drives bigger than 2 terabytes.
  • Port Exemptions for Communication – No need to tinker with your firewall settings so the workstations can communicate with the Enterprise Console – Deep Freeze will automatically authorize itself.
  • New and Improved Graphics – The Enterprise Console looks even smarter.
  • Smaller Installer – Hosting User Guides online reduced the installer size to under 20MB!

Check out the enhancements visually in Prezi too! We trust you’ll love the improved Deep Freeze Enterprise. If you have any feedback or would like to join our Usability Community, please contact us at or comment on this post!

Check out Deep Freeze Mac 5.5, also now available.

What customers are saying

“Keeping frozen computers up to date just got a lot easier!  Everything ties together now and updating is even faster. Frozen computers can now cache Windows updates waiting for installation.  There’s no more worrying about how long updates will take since you can just tell the task to end and Freeze when updates are finished. I am so happy now that update restrictions have been eliminated!  Now you can use WSUS to its full extent.  IE, Service Packs, Silverlight… you want it, approve it and Deep Freeze will take care of the rest.” ~ Jonathan Brabham, Network / Telecommunication Services, Medford School District

“Deep Freeze is a fantastic product that just keeps getting better with version 7.5.  Deep Freeze now caches updates from Microsoft and protects the Master Boot Record, so I have less to worry about as a lab manager.  I can also see my Workstation Tasks in a new configuration tab so I can easily manage them.  I have been using Deep Freeze for ten years, and wouldn’t think of running a lab without it!” ~ Adam Hauerwas, Providence College

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