Anti-Executable Standard

Faronics Anti-Executable keeps your computer safe by keeping the malware out.

Threat Protection Without All The Updates

Keeping your anti-virus up-to-date is a time consuming process that has been known to bog the network down and bring users to a grinding halt. Eliminate your reliance on critical blacklist updates with Anti-Executable and beef up your security to catch new and increasingly sophisticated malware.
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Application Control and Whitelisting

Application Control and Whitelisting

Protection from Security Threats

Protection from Security Threats

Network Level Blocking

Network Level Blocking

Publisher and User Based Control

Publisher and User Based Control

Faronics Anti-Executable makes PCs Indestructible

Cutting Edge Security
Protect users from unknown threats such as zero-day attacks, mutating malware, advanced persistent threats and sophisticated attacks.
Operational Savings
Ensure computers, systems and bandwidth are used for intended purposes with customized solutions for different computer usage needs.
Compressive Control
Allow organizations to enjoy the benefits of application control such as publisher-based approvals, policy-based control, and protection at the local machine level.
Boost Productivity
Accelerate IT productivity with an automated initial set-up, standardized configuration, central management, and reduced IT support tickets.
Comprehensive Reporting
Reports all violations, blocked programs and activity, including which programs are causing the most violations and which machines have the highest number of violations.
Network Level Blocking
Allow or block execution of applications regardless of location and log all unauthorized application launch and software installation violations.

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Million Licenses

We Help you Manage All Types of Devices

Classroom & Lab Computers
Classroom & Lab Computers
Provide a flexible and non-restrictive lab environment where students can focus on learning while your computers stay protected.
Small & Large Business Environments
Small & Large Business Environments
Ensure 100% server and workstation protection to run mission-critical business services, making it a cost-efficient solution.
Public Kiosk Computers
Public Kiosk Computers
Protect and secure your public computers from malware that could cause data breaches within your organization.
Rugged & On-Field Computers
Rugged & On-Field Computers
Make toughbooks even tougher. Keep your computers infection-free, secure and fast with a comprehensive, rock-solid protection.

Los Angeles Police Department

The Los Angles Police Department was finding too many laptops in patrol cars in need of IT support. Laptops provide an essential connection to intelligence that helps officers protect the community. Damaged laptops forced officers to troubleshoot machines or took the squad car off the streets. With Anti-Executable on the job, mobile laptops are available and secure without depending on IT personnel.
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“Anti-Executable is crucial to preserving an image determined for mission critical law enforcement systems used 24×7 to ensure reliability and security with minimal downtime and with the least reliance on IT personnel.”
Chief Tim Riley
CIO and Bureau Chief of the LAPD’s

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Application Whitelisting

Spend less time troubleshooting damaged machines with the most advanced protection designed to combat zero-day threats and dangerous malware. Fill in the security gaps left behind by your anti-virus with the best application control solution available – Faronics Anti-Executable. Easy-to-use and it’s scalable to protect thousands of Windows PCs across your enterprise.

Security Features
Security Features
  • Protects against malware, spyware, and unwanted software
  • Only program allowed by a Policy will run
  • Allows only authorized users to configure and disable protection
Control List & Policies
  • Automatic creation and maintenance of controls and policies
  • Can be imported, exported, viewed, edited, searched, merged, and sorted
  • Folder-level protection feature allows specific folders to be exempt from protection regardless of their location
  • Creates a log of all unauthorized installation attempts
  • Scanning of remote workstations to augment control list and policies
Control List & Policies
Compatibility Options
Compatibility Options
  • Compatible with major third-party anti-malware, anti-virus, and firewall applications
  • Complements Active Directory and Group Policies
  • Offers option to designate specific applications to be Trusted and exempt from restriction, like anti-virus programs
  • Maintenance Mode allows software updates and installations
Integration Options
  • Integrates with Faronics Deep Freeze: automatically enters Maintenance Mode when it detects that a Deep Freeze Maintenance Event has Thawed the computer
  • Integrates with Faronics Anti-Virus: ensures initial installation scan is free from malware
Integration Options
Reporting Section
Reporting Section
  • Contains five reports: Activity, Temporary Execution Mode, Additions to Local Control List, Additions to Central Control List – Files, and Additions to Central Control List – Publishers
Expanded Flexibility Options
  • Allow or block execution of applications regardless of location
  • Schedule shutdown, restart, and Wake-on-LAN actions
  • Temporary Execution Mode to allow unrestricted file execution for a specific time period
  • Ability to run a report on executed programs during Temporary Execution Mode
Expanded Flexibility Options
Expanded Protection and Control
Expanded Protection and Control
  • Granular control of publishers with four-levels of control
  • Offers silent install option for rapid network deployment
  • Provides password protection for complete security
  • Offers ability to enable or disable Anti-Executable on the fly
  • Deploy as part of a master image
  • Displays a customized violation message when a user attempts to perform an action that is not authorized by Anti-Executable
  • Unique protection levels for Administrators, Trusted, and External users
  • Stealth Mode hides the presence of Anti-Executable while keeping the computer fully protected
  • Includes IdentiFile – a tool to compare files against a signature database for better visibility into file attributes
  • Control over .exe, .dll, .com, .scr, .jar, .bat, and .bin files
Enterprise Control
  • Faronics Core provides centralized deployment, configuration, scheduling, and control
  • Install Anti-Executable on any or all workstations
  • Activate/deactivate protection on one or more computers
  • Manage and export log records of violation attempts
  • Change maintenance schedules on the fly
  • Group and filter workstations for easy management
  • Instantly update passwords on protected workstations
  • Communicate with computers over a LAN, WAN or the Internet
  • ActiveTask feature ensures changes are applied to unavailable workstations by resending tasks when the computer can be reached
Enterprise Control

Customer Stories

Explore a range of client case studies across industries
Learn from Anti-Executable clients’ success
How did these companies succeed? Learn how Faronics Anti-Executable is helping industry leaders from around the world innovate and grow through digital reinvention, experienced design, and thoughtful planning.
Learn from Anti-Executable clients’ success
Los Angeles Police Department

Los Angeles Police Department

Improving mission-critical systems uptime
Deep Freeze and Anti-Executable are crucial to preserving an image determined for mission critical law enforcement systems used 24×7 to ensure reliability and security with minimal downtime and with the least reliance on IT personnel,
Chief Tim Riley
CIO and Bureau Chief of the LAPD’s
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North Country Community College

North Country Community College

Stop Malicious Software From Executing
“We did not even consider any other products as we very impressed with Deep Freeze and Faronics support.”
John Bray
Computer Support worker
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RTP Federal Credit Union

RTP Federal Credit Union

Reduced support incidents
"The product and the trial evaluation were easy and straight forward to use, which convinced us to give our business to Faronics,”
Denis Graham
Information Systems Manager
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Advanced Threat Protection with Faronics Anti-ExecutableAdvanced Threat Protection with Faronics Anti-Executable

Today's cyber-criminals are organized, sophisticated and have access to the latest technology. With so much money at stake, they can afford to invest in the tools and technology to stay ahead of traditional computer security.

Layered Security with FaronicsLayered Security with Faronics

This is what layered security is all about. With the number and complexity of IT related threats steadily increasing, relying solely on one solution to ensure security is no longer enough. Our layered security solution provides optimum security against today's toughest threats.

How-To SeriesHow-To Series

Check out these 5 videos on how to perform some of the most common tasks with Faronics Anti-Executable.Learn how to easily update programs with Maintenance Mode, block programs from ever running, add Trusted Users, add new software publishers, and add new programs.

Block Files Based On File HashBlock Files Based On File Hash

Anti-Executable blocks files based on their file hash and not file name, thus making sure renaming a file does not bypass protection.

Block a KeyloggerBlock a Keylogger

Here is a brief overview of how Faronics Anti-Executable blocks a phishing keylogger.

Block Phishing MalwareBlock Phishing Malware

Here is a brief overview of how Faronics Anti-Executable blocks phishing malware and helps combat social engineering.

Anti-Executable Blocks SharewareAnti-Executable Blocks Shareware

Here is a brief overview of how Faronics Anti-Executable blocks unwanted, unlicensed, unsanctioned or unauthorized programs from ever installing.

Anti-Executable Blocks UltrasurfAnti-Executable Blocks Ultrasurf

Watch this 2 minute demo on how simple it is to block unauthorized applications like Ultrasurf with Faronics Anti-Executable.

Faronics: A Global Leader in Layered SecurityFaronics: A Global Leader in Layered Security

Our products ensure 100% workstation availability, and have freed IT personnel from tedious technical support and software issues

False Sense of Security. Data Breaches Exposed.False Sense of Security. Data Breaches Exposed.

The state of IT security is constantly shifting. Keeping up-to-date is vital to protecting your organization. Faronics unveils the results of the State of IT Security Study conducted by the Ponemon Institute -- a leading research authority on data security. We'll share emerging trends and discoveries about what's stopping IT professionals from achieving optimal security. We also reveal the total cost of a data breach and expose a dangerous perception gap about the lasting effects of reputation damage. In this webinar you will learn about: Current security strategies 2012 cyber threat landscape Hidden costs & spread of data breaches Long-term effects of reputation damage.

Webinar: Protecting Staff Computers Beyond Deep FreezeWebinar: Protecting Staff Computers Beyond Deep Freeze

One of the most common remarks we hear is how well Deep Freeze helps our customers to protect their classroom, lab, student and public access computers. They love how they can set it and forget it. But they often ask how to protect staff computers without using Deep Freeze, since they're a major burden on the IT department. So what's the cause of the volume of IT support tickets? Malware infections and users installing unauthorized software.

Webinar: 5 Threats Your Anti-Virus Won’t StopWebinar: 5 Threats Your Anti-Virus Won’t Stop

5 threats your anti-virus won't stop

Webinar: Managing Insider Threats – 4 Risks You Need To MitigateWebinar: Managing Insider Threats – 4 Risks You Need To...

What can possibly go wrong when you mix human curiosity with real and costly internet risks? Avoid this dangerous combination. Anti-virus alone will not protect your business from poisoned links, malware laced downloads, and social media scams. In this 60-minute webinar where you will learn about cybercriminals targeting the human element and the strategy you need to protect your organization.

Webinar: 3 Ways to Hack your NetworkWebinar: 3 Ways to Hack your Network

Stopping unauthorized executables from wreaking havoc on your network is mission critical. And now it's easier than ever with Faronics Anti-Executable 5.0.

Webinar: Simplify Your Security with Application ControlWebinar: Simplify Your Security with Application Control

By stealing your company's data for profits, cybercrime pays so well it's now exceeding the global drug trade. Advanced persistent threats, zero-day attacks, and sophisticated malware are emerging every day. Managing IT security for your organization has never been more difficult. Stopping unauthorized executables from wreaking havoc on your network is mission critical. And now it's easier than ever with Faronics Anti-Executable 5.0. It's a revolutionary approach to security with application control using a centralized list. Now you have the ultimate flexibility to customize user groups based on policies and local settings. You no longer have to update each machine when adding to the approved list.

Webinar: How Social Media Leaves You Open to CybercrimeWebinar: How Social Media Leaves You Open to Cybercrime

Traditional anti-virus alone cannot protect your network against the top social media threats of 2012. So what’s your social media defense strategy?

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