Layered Security with Faronics

Public access computers in various organizations are vulnerable to multiple external threats on a daily basis, such as malware, virus and spyware. With the number and complexity of system-related issues steadily growing, IT professionals cannot rely one solution to ensure complete system security. With an aim to simplifying computer management, Faronics Corporation has reinforced a multi-layered security approach that promptly detects the external risks, and protects the computers against those to provide optimal system security.

Faronics’ layered security protects the workstations with 3 effective security layers:

Faronics Anti-Virus: 1st Layer of Security

Faronics Antivirus offers comprehensive protection to office workstations against Trojans, viruses and malware. It also employs various tiers of proactive protection within the firewall so as to safeguard the systems against deadly threats coming from the internet or network.

Faronics Anti-Executable: 2nd Layer of Security

If any disguised threat manages to breach the initial protective barrier, Faronics Anti-Executable serves as the next additional layer of protection to prevent it. It only allows approved programs to pass through it, thus protecting the systems from unknown threats like targeted attacks, zero-day threats and mutating viruses.

Deep Freeze Reboot to Restore: 3rd Layer of Security

If any threat somehow gets through these first two layers of security, Faronics offers a Reboot to Restore solution called Deep freeze that adds the final protective barrier in this layered security suite. Deep Freeze is a system restore software that uses patented Reboot to Restore technology. It preserves the system configuration as desired by the IT admins, and restores computers to that predefined state with each reboot. All malicious and unwanted changes performed over the system are reverted upon restart, which provides next user with a clean and pristine system configuration.