Faronics Anti-Executable and Pittsford Community Library
"Since the implementation, we have not once had to cleanup an infected PC. And since these are located in a public library, it is important that the PCs are compliant with acceptable use policies and we don’t have to worry about that any more.”
- Joy Brown, Network Administrator
Challenges Faced

The Pittsford Community Library overlooks the Erie Canal and holds one server, and 76 PCs. The computers provide gateways to the Internet, online databases and electronic resources. Because of the absence of an existing anti-malware solution, Pittsford Community Library often experienced disruptive challenges caused by malware, such as spyware. They also encountered problems from library patrons running unauthorized programs. When a PC became infected, it would often take 1-2 days before it was put back in service again.

A Solution That Worked

The Pittsford Community Library deployed Faronics Anti-Executable to counter the menace of malware and unauthorized applications. The results were instantaneous. Faronics Anti-Executable has allowed the library to enforce total compliance. Library customers can now benefit from fully operational computers with every visit, while the library’s IT staff guarantee that the PCs remain free of unwanted software and are compliant with acceptable use policies. Consequently, technicians' time can now be focused on other areas instead of malware related maintenance.

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Faronics Anti-Executable and Pittsford Community Library