Faronics Anti-Executable and North Country Community College
“We did not even consider any other products as we were very impressed with Deep Freeze and Faronics support.”
- John Bray, Computer Support worker
Challenges Faced

Founded in 1967, North Country Community College is located in northeast New York state in the counties of Franklin and Essex. The college hosts approximately 2000 students with a faculty/staff of over 200. There are 350 workstations and 25 servers. The computer support worker at North Country Community College, struggled with maintaining the staff computers because the staff was frequently installing unauthorized software (which often conflicted with the authorized software). The computer support worker was constantly spending his time cleaning up and re-imaging workstations. The required maintenance led to continual downtime for many of the terminals.

A Solution That Worked

The North Country Community College deployed Faronics Anti-Executable to protect from unauthorized applications. They were already using Deep Freeze to restore the systems to their original state with a simple reboot. Faronics Anti-Executable created a blacklist of programs that would not be allowed to run under any circumstances. The North Country Community College is now ready for a surprise software audit. Anti-Executable has now saved the IT staff approximately 15-20 hours a month.

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Faronics Anti-Executable and North Country Community College