Lawnswood School – Lesson In Defence
“It is often easier to simply wipe and restore a computer to its original configuration than to try and diagnose highly specific misconfigurations. However, this is a time consuming process, which may put a machine out of commission for hours to days. With frequent reports from the teaching staff of not being able to instruct efficiently as users had changed the configuration settings on the machines, we knew we needed absolute control. A Layered Security strategy from a central point of management gives me the control I need.”
- Noel Reynolds, IT Manager at Lawnswood
Challenges Faced

Lawnswood School has over one hundred years of experience in delivering a high quality comprehensive experience for all their students. The school has 1,500 students, 150 staff and runs 650 workstations. The Lawnswood IT team have faced some challenges in their day-to-day operations including virus attacks, unauthorized downloading of applications, changes to software settings by users and workstations needing to be manually updated with no central control.

A Solution That Worked

The Lawnswood School applied a Layered Security approach to secure its IT assets. The IT staff deployed Deep Freeze for its ability to perform an instant system restore. This solved all issues in the operating system and installed software. They also deployed Faronics Anti-Virus that could be updated when the computers were in a Frozen state, thereby providing up-to-date security with latest virus definitions. Finally, Anti-Executable ensured that no unauthorized application was allowed to run on the computers. The IT staff reduced the time required to provide support, reduced maintenance and managed all the computers from a central location.