How IT managers can save money and help the planet

How IT managers can save money and help the planet

Energy prices rose more than 80% in 2021. Suddenly across the globe there exists a pressing onus on IT managers, whatever the size or shape of their organisation, to mitigate the impact of this drastic increase on the bottom line. Unless bound to a long-term price fix deal with an electricity supplier, computer usage will need to be cut significantly in order for this major cost to stand still.

A further imperative sits alongside the need to save money: the need to save the planet. Scientists’ predictions about the effect of the climate crisis are becoming ever-more catastrophic. Unless humanity can change course, large parts of the world will soon become uninhabitable. In this context, any energy saving, however small, is valuable. Corporations are fighting each other to shout the loudest about green credentials; marketing departments snap up anything that fits the narrative. 

Faronics Power Save can zero right in on the granular detail of your computer usage, and deliver a large return on investment. It also soothes the conscience, since you can be certain that your IT estate is not consuming electricity for a second longer than it needs to. Ethan Haberman, network supervisor at Coeur D’Alene School District in the USA, reports: We’ve had a very positive experience with both Faronics and Power Save. We did review a number of competing solutions, and Faronics Power Save came in on top of all the competitors with a great set of features, within our budget, and the best bang for the buck.’

Power Save allows you to configure exactly what energy-saving events you want, and when you want them to occur. You can set as many policies as you like, and apply them to groups of workstations with varying work hours and usage patterns. 

You can rest assured that no business interruption will occur, because you can tailor warning messages to users, you can allow them to defer power management events, and you can set open documents to autosave.

Having invested a small amount of time on setting everything up according to your specific requirements, you’ll then have access to handy reports showing the impact of your schedule, measured in financial terms, but also by acres of trees planted, barrels of oils conserved, cars taken off the road, or tons of CO2 removed. 

Faronics Power Save enables you, very easily, to save a lot of money, and to make a contribution towards saving the planet. It is one of several services under the Faronics Cloud umbrella that will result in large cost savings. To find out more, watch our webinar posted on Youtube.

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