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Uninterrupted education with non-restrictive computer protection

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Million Licenses
Fix IT Issues Instantly, With Patented Technology

Fix IT Issues Instantly, With Patented Technology

Increase Productivity by Automating Mundane IT Tasks

Increase Productivity by Automating Mundane IT Tasks

No Need to Re-Image Computers Again

No Need to Re-Image Computers Again

Reduce Your IT Tickets<br/>by 63%

Reduce Your IT Tickets
by 63%

We help you Manage All Types of Devices

Computer Labs
Provide students with unrestricted access to their computers while preventing permanent configuration changes with Reboot to Restore Technology
Laptops, Macbooks, and Windows Tablets
Eliminate computer downtime, reverse changes to student computers, and fix issues with a simple reboot.
Classroom Testing Environments
Manage classroom testing environments with ease. Restrict functionality, block unauthorized programs, and reverse configuration changes with a simple reboot.
Teachers and Staff Computers
Patented Reboot to Restore Technology provides bulletproof protection to computers and ensure uninterrupted education.

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This is what our partners have to say about Faronics

Union City School (Tennessee)

It is absolutely wonderful. We were having so much trouble with children changing desktop settings earlier and with Deep Freeze it is just so nice to be able to get the computer restored. If they have done a lot of changes, I can remove them by logging off and signing back in.

Susan Parr
Union City School (Tennessee)

East Career & Technical Academy (Nevada)

This saves me a couple of hours every time there is a need to re-image the computers. It is such a time saver and it allows me to keep the computers clean for students to use.

Steven New
East Career & Technical Academy (Nevada)

Hillsborough County Public Schools, Florida

Faronics Insight is a great product! It helps our teachers to easily collaborate with students. It not only monitors computers but also helps teachers integrate well with students. On the scale of 1-10, I will definitely give it 1:1.

Robert Windheuser
Hillsborough County Public Schools, Florida
"I describe the Cloud Connector as one place to rule them all. It has been vital to our environment and my team could not do without it. I have and would recommend it to everyone. At the end of the day, our investment has been very worth it and a great decision.”
Aaron Wiley
Director of Instructional Technology
Gilchrist County School District
Perfect Score for the IT Team at GCSD

Perfect Score for the IT Team at GCSD

Operating 3,000 Windows workstations across two towns with only three team members is no easy feat. With having to support so many students, teachers, and administration, maintenance and update times were becoming common concerns for Aaron and his IT team. They also found it challenging to keep the computer labs at each school up-to-date due to regular updates from programs like Flash and Shockwave, and bi-weekly updates from Java.
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