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Faronics Power Save offers smart energy management with flexible settings for different users, times, and days.
With advanced activity monitoring, Power save knows when it’s appropriate to save energy without disrupting IT tasks or end users.

Intelligent Configuration Settings
Intelligent Configuration Settings
  • Reduces power by turning off monitors, and sleep, hibernate or shutdown computers
  • Power down hard disks to reduce energy consumption
  • Dynamic configuration settings can be easily adjusted using a slider bar to increase or decrease the power savings settings
  • Blended rates capture varied energy rates at different times or days of the week
  • Easily create, edit and duplicate Power Policies to allow for different levels of energy management at different times
  • Employ energy saving actions when CPU, network, or disk activity falls below a defined level
  • Prevent workstations from employing power saving actions when a specified application is running
  • Identify and ignore applications that prevent energy savings actions
  • Create Energy Consumption Profiles to fine tune individual workstation power use
Minimize End User Disruption
  • Saves open documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and email drafts, prior to powering down
  • Custom notification message to users before taking action
  • Users can temporarily disable power management for convenience
  • Users can customize local wake-up from Hibernate or Standby mode
  • Stealth mode to hide Power Save interface from users
  • Power management can switch off when a computer moves to a wireless network
Minimize End User Disruption
Enterprise Control & Security
Enterprise Control & Security
  • Easily create, use and reuse Power Policies
  • Deployment through Faronics Core Server (included) or most 3rd party desktop management tools
  • Override an operating system’s power settings
  • Automatically synchronize changes to Power Policies across deployments
  • Includes a free Wake-up service for workstations via a web browser
  • Logoff user prior to computer powering down
  • Enable password protection on workstations
  • Wake workstations by keyboard, mouse and/or network card
  • Last Man Standing does not turn off WOL Relay computer
  • Automatic alerts notify expiring, outdated clients, and sensitivity adjusts via SMTP email
  • Eco Facts show individual computer contributions for energy savings
  • Eco Facts allow users to request adjustments to power settings and one-click sleep state activation
Flexible Scheduling
  • Schedule the deactivation of energy management so maintenance windows can occur uninterrupted
  • Schedule Wake-On-LAN, restart and shutdown events
  • Schedule Power Save configuration updates
Flexible Scheduling
Management Reporting
Management Reporting
  • Web-based Power Save Dashboard makes it easy to visualize power consumption information for your entire organization
  • Generate energy use and savings reports
  • Summary and detailed reports display power savings based upon your regional electricity cost in your local currency
  • Energy consumption translated into carbon footprint related to environmental benefits from reduced energy use
  • Audit Mode provides a baseline measure of consumed energy and shows projected annual savings
  • Reports on best/worst energy savers, and power saving history

Power Save
Customer Stories

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Learn from Power Save clients’ success
Oklahoma City University (OCU)

Oklahoma City University (OCU)

Faronics Power Save and Oklahoma City University
"It works very well and the response we receive from Faronics tech support is quite latterly unparalleled when compared to the other vendors"
Joey Arato
Help Desk Coordinator
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ADT Fire & Security

ADT Fire & Security

Faronics Power Save and ADT Fire & Security
"Power Save’s centralized control capabilities along with its enterprise-wide savings reporting gave it the winning edge over the other solutions reviewed."
Roger Bunting
Computer Services Manager
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Redlands Unified School District (RUSD)

Redlands Unified School District (RUSD)

Energy Management Solution Saves California School District $90,000
"The installation of Power Save was extremely easy and the software has not created any additional time demands for our busy IT team."
David Massaro
Technology Services Coordinator
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