The best tool for cutting IT admin

The best tool for cutting IT admin

Do you feel like IT admin isn’t as fun as it should be? You keep going round in circles without the right tools to do your job properly?

Check out this one-minute video to see how Faronics Cloud can help.

Faronics Cloud is the best way to manage software updates and Windows updates. Software updates and Windows updates needn’t take up any time at all. You can schedule all your updates to happen when everyone’s asleep. Or deliver them with one click: no more the pain of packaging and verifying each one in turn.

With remote working everywhere, it’s harder than it was to keep on top of hardware and software inventory. But Faronics Cloud makes it extremely straightforward – you can find out whatever information you need at the touch of a button. It’s the best way to find out useful information about your computers.  For example, what’s the RAM on your devices? How many software licences are you paying for? Of those, how many are you using and when do they expire?

Need to cut the time it takes to set up new hardware? Image your devices in your estate easily from one cloud platform. Customise your deployment packages in granular detail – once and never again.

In one unified console, you can also enjoy ticketing, anti-executable, kiosk lockdown, remote control, mobile device management, and so much more.

Faronics Cloud couldn’t be easier to set up and use. To find out more about how you could slash your IT admin costs, register for a webinar.

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Tom Guy is with the product team at Faronics, based in the UK, having made software for a decade. When not working in technology, he can be found watching Everton or walking Eric, his golden retriever.

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