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Keep your cashier's systems operating at peak efficiency, and your customers happy, with Faronics Cloud

The technology people trust with the numbers to prove it

Million Licenses
Enforce strict compliance with Industry Standards

Enforce strict compliance with Industry Standards

Ensure 100% uptime for banking systems

Ensure 100% uptime for banking systems

Protect critical customer data from a data breach

Protect critical customer data from a data breach

Reduce Your IT Tickets<br/>by 63%

Reduce Your IT Tickets
by 63%

We help you Manage All Types of Devices

Teller Computers
Eliminate malware, prevent data breaches, reverse configuration drift and augment PCI compliance. Cash dispensing and other teller services can continue smoothly even in the event of a system crash.
Laptops and Notebooks
Reduce IT costs to fix, update, and maintain computers across your organization. Preserve configuration in its pristine state and avoid computer downtime.
Self Service Kiosks
Create secure customer service kiosks, restrict functionality and allow only specific applications to run. Ensure high uptime of ATM and other banking kiosks to ensure customer satisfaction.
Multi-location Branches
Protect, secure, manage, and update computers globally from a web browser or form your mobile device.
Office Computers
Empower employees to fix issues on their own with a simple reboot. Increase employee productivity and optimize onsite and offsite operations.

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This is what our customers have to say about Faronics

Deep Freeze neatly solved our serious issue of resource waste. Now if we encounter problems, we only need to press the restart button; no specialized technical personnel are needed to do the support work. Efficient and worry-free!

Bank of Communications Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch

Before Deep Freeze, our public computers would become very slow after one or two months of use, jammed with garbage and frequent software errors. Since the installation of Deep Freeze, the computer problems have never occurred. Deep Freeze works very well.

Bank of Beijing Jinan Branch

We like the function of restart to restore, which saves a lot of usual computer maintenance tasks. This function makes it very convenient for the lobby managers of our bank outlets, even though they are not IT personnel. I think we will continue to use it.

Postal Savings Bank of China Jinhua Branch
"Deep Freeze passed the tests with flying colors and upon reboot our test PCs returned to their initial state. We tried to break the product and see its limitations, but it was indestructible and we loved it.”
Jef Morehart,
Network Technician, Freedom First Credit Union
IT efficiency in the Finance sector

IT efficiency in the Finance sector

Freedom First Federal Credit used Deep Freeze to minimise support calls, reduce IT costs and increase productivity.
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