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Million Licenses
Augment PCI Compliance with our Patented Technology

Augment PCI Compliance with our Patented Technology

Ensure 100% uptime for all retail systems

Ensure 100% uptime for all retail systems

Ensure Demo Computers are in a Pristine state

Ensure Demo Computers are in a Pristine state

Reduce IT Tickets by 63%

Reduce IT Tickets by 63%

We help you Manage All Types of Devices

Point of Sale Computers
Eliminate malware, prevent data breaches, reverse configuration drift and augment PCI compliance.
Customer Service Kiosks
Create secure customer service kiosks, restrict functionality and allow only specific applications to run.
Demo Computers
Keep demo computers in their pristine state by reversing changes caused by multiple users.
Warehouse & Store Computers
Keep inventory, restocking, and shipping computers up and running 24/7 by reversing issues with a single reboot.
Surface Books and Windows Tablets
Empower employees to fix issues in their Surface Books and Windows tablets with a simple reboot. Increase employee productivity and optimize onsite and offsite operations.
Multi-location Stores
Protect, secure, manage, and update computers globally from a web browser or from your mobile device.

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This is what our partners have to say about Faronics

Union City School (Tennessee)

It is absolutely wonderful. We were having so much trouble with children changing desktop settings earlier and with Deep Freeze it is just so nice to be able to get the computer restored. If they have done a lot of changes, I can remove them by logging off and signing back in.

Susan Parr
Union City School (Tennessee)

East Career & Technical Academy (Nevada)

This saves me a couple of hours every time there is a need to re-image the computers. It is such a time saver and it allows me to keep the computers clean for students to use.

Steven New
East Career & Technical Academy (Nevada)

Hillsborough County Public Schools, Florida

Faronics Insight is a great product! It helps our teachers to easily collaborate with students. It not only monitors computers but also helps teachers integrate well with students. On the scale of 1-10, I will definitely give it 1:1.

Robert Windheuser
Hillsborough County Public Schools, Florida
"It’s a computer on a sales floor in a store. Anybody could come in and make edits or changes, and those computers would be down for long periods of time"
Vince Rowland
Merchandising Manager
Guitar Center
Great Customer Experience

Great Customer Experience

To stay competitive in today’s retail environment, Guitar Center’s officials knew they needed to achieve a level of stability and consistency across their 270 stores in the United States. One method they used was to make a concerted shift toward Mac-based platforms. Although the company had taken a step toward stability, they knew more work needed to be done to ensure that hardware operated the same way at every single store. The answer was Deep Freeze.
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