Proxy Support

Proxy Support

Happy to announce Proxy support for Deep Freeze Cloud.

If you are using a proxy server to connect to the Internet, you can now specify the credentials in Deep Freeze Cloud. The proxy server settings will allow Deep Freeze Cloud to communicate with the Cloud Agent for executing commands from Deep Freeze Cloud, update applications via the Software Updater Service and update virus definitions for the Anti-Virus Service.

We will inherit the proxy settings from the Anti-Virus policy if they are already specified.

Note: Both the Cloud Relay and Cache Server for Anti-Virus and Software Updater are not yet supported to communicate via proxy. This is under development.



About The Author

Heman Mehta

Heman, aka: He-Man, is the "Master of Deep Freeze" and VP of Product Management. He has been with Faronics for more than 10 years and is (of course) the biggest evangelist of Deep Freeze. When not living the "PM Lifestyle", you'll find him traveling the world—his last count was at about 38 countries visited.

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