Introducing Faronics Insight 7.81

We are excited to announce the release of Insight 7.81 which now supports Windows 10. Read on for more information on additional features you can expect.

Web Limiting for Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s latest way to surf the web is fast growing in popularity thanks to it being the exact opposite of what Internet Explorer was. It is no longer bloated, insecure and confusing to use, but instead, built from scratch to give users a fast browsing experience. This means that it will soon be the primary browser in most industries, and since we need to limit distractions on even the best of browsers, the latest release of Insight gives teachers the option to block this browser during web limiting. We’re blocking Edge browser for now as Microsoft has yet to provide granular control for this new browser.



Granular Application Limiting of Modern Apps

That’s right – we can now block modern apps on Windows 10! These are the tile apps you see on the start screen on Windows 10. With Microsoft making changes to the way these apps operate, this was not possible with the previous versions of Insight.

The “view running programs” feature in Insight will give the administrator “insight” into what apps are running and the ability to block them. Some of these apps can also be blocked on Win 8, but this will need to be tested first.



Windows 10 Remote Execute “Run” of Modern apps

You can now launch modern apps by providing the web link for that particular app. All you have to do is type in the name of a program, folder, document or Internet resource, and Insight will open it for you on the selected student machines.



Teacher Console “Show Teacher” screen sharing statistics.

The teacher can now get statistics while screen sharing is in progress on Windows and Macs. To activate on Windows, Start “Show Teacher” while holding down Ctrl. On Mac while holding Shift-command.



We hope these new enhancements will aid with your classroom collaboration experience. Download it today from Faronics Labs.

About The Author

Heman Mehta

Heman, aka: He-Man, is the "Master of Deep Freeze" and VP of Product Management. He has been with Faronics for more than 10 years and is (of course) the biggest evangelist of Deep Freeze. When not living the "PM Lifestyle", you'll find him traveling the world—his last count was at about 38 countries visited.

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