Colleges and universities have some of the most dynamic and diverse populations. Students, researchers, professors and guest lecturers from all over the world gather and collaborate in these academic environments, which regularly support tens of thousands of people. This high population undoubtedly requires a sturdy network of computers and ample bandwidth to accommodate...
In the ongoing fight against cybercrime, it's the IT department's responsibility to make sure a company's computer network is as secure as possible and to expunge any threats that may occur. Within the education system, as standardized testing becomes more widespread and the administration of exams depends more on computer systems, it's even more important to know how to ...
Government organizations have a lot of data to keep safe. When it comes to maintaining data security and making sure confidential information doesn't fall into the wrong hands, government organizations need to do everything in their power to strengthen cybersecurity practices. To this end, the federal government has increased spending on cybersecurity measures over the ...

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