With so much talk about cyberattacks and malware these days, it can be easy for computer users to become overly suspicious about problems with their devices and assume every issue is caused by malicious software. While malware can - and will - cause computers to have problems with functionality, the symptoms of a malware infection are much different than what most end user...
Around a third of all U.K. businesses have experienced ransomware, according to one new study. Many of these attacks came in the form of an email notice that claimed to be from an official government or law enforcement agency. The email would ask the rec...
It seems as though, by now, every organization would understand the risks they face when it comes to malware and cybercrime. Industries that deal with a lot of highly sensitive personal information like financial services and health care should be especially careful to take the necessary precautions to protect customer data. But according to a new survey conducted by the...

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