Cybersecurity has become the number one priority for many businesses in the wake of some very high profile data breaches at the beginning of the year. But despite the heightened awareness of decision-makers and stronger defense precautions being taken, companies are still falling prey to hackers everyday. For most organizations there is an easy explanation for the securit...
Small businesses are often the last to adopt new technology, either because they don't have the necessary budgets or because they lack the expertise to install and maintain the appropriate infrastructure. Luckily for these types of organizations, cloud computing isn't like most tech trends. It easily lends itself to being used by companies with limited budgets and technolo...
Everyone knows cyber​ crime is becoming an increasingly large problem, but most don't realize the full extent of the issue. The global economy loses $575 billion every year due to cyber​ crime, the Washington Post recently reported. According to Politico, the United States takes the brunt of that damage, losing $100 billion annually. That's a massive amount of money,...

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