The way students learn material in school has significantly changed in the last couple years. Instead of lugging 1,000-page textbooks to class or being forced to put their laptops away, students are now leveraging mobile devices to access online resources. These new technological assets require classroom monitoring in order to ensure their successful and productive use....
Malware's biggest ally is a false sense of security. People all over the world may think that they are careful and have a grasp on best practices, but the evolving nature of these threats makes them very difficult to completely defend against.While many people may be able to point out an obvious fraud when they see it, chances are that there is another ...
Malware is one of the biggest scourges on the digital world in the modern day. There are numerous threats that have made themselves known over the last few years, infecting companies and private users alike with malicious code designed to extort money and steal information.Criminal programs are continuing to evolve. New and adapted campaigns are appearing every d...

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