The Dexter malware that appeared a while back in South Africa is now infecting point-of-sale systems around the globe through variants such as Project Hook. Overall, POS system malware is on the rise, underscoring the new risks that retailers face in protecting customer data from cybercriminals. New Dexter malware campaigns show up around the world Dex...
In the recent past, if a teacher discovered a student was using a smartphone to look up an answer or communicate with another student, the educator would most likely confiscate the tool. Where this was considered cheating or leveraging an unfair advantage in the past, today's administrators not only welcome the use of connected gadgets in the classroom, but actively encou...
In today's technological environment, cyberattackers are always finding new strategies to infiltrate systems and leverage user data for financial gain. While consumers and enterprises have always been a main target, this threat also extends to schools as well. Within the educational sector, institutions from primary and secondary schools to colleges and universities are...

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