Deep Freeze Download

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Faronics Deep Freeze provides an advanced restore on reboot system. Why reconfigure, recompile, or use complex imaging solutions, when you can simply reboot to restore your system. Get your Deep Freeze license key and restore your system to working order.

Insight Faronics Download

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Faronics Insight is an effective classroom management software that helps teachers create a better learning experience, while streamlining IT administration and supporting multiple labs with ease.

Antivirus Faronics Download

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Keep your data safe, your computers running fast, and remain infection-free with Faronics Antivirus.

WINSelect<sup>®</sup> Faronics Download

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Faronics WINSelect allows you to easily lock down PCs.

Anti-Executable Faronics Download

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Anti-Executable keeps PCs safe by stopping sophisticated threats like zero-day malware.

Power Save Faronics Download

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Faronics Power Save eliminates computer energy waste by up to 50% without affecting productivity.

Data Igloo Faronics Download

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Faronics Data Igloo is a FREE utility which enables users to seamlessly and efficiently retain user data on machines protected by Deep Freeze.