The Top 5 Facebook Scams

The Top 5 Facebook Scams

Facebook has been riddled with scams for as long as I can remember. It’s certainly not breaking news when another scam evolves. But there are a few rotating themes that continue to pop up over and over snagging new victims each time. Here’s a list of the top 5 Facebook scams you need to avoid.

  1. Profile Scams. Remember when Facebook promised to show you exactly who’s been looking at your profile the most? I remember feeling the temptation to click. But it’s just another scam. Facebook does not give developers the access they need to create such apps.
  2. Free Apple Products. Whether they are trying to recruit you to test the new iPhone 5, which doesn’t exist, or Lady Gaga is offering to give all her Little Monster Fans a free iPad2, it’s just not true. And rather than end up with a free MacBook, you just might end up with a stolen bank account instead. Yikes!
  3. Other Fee Stuff. Who doesn’t like free stuff? I mean after all it’s free! But when it seems too good to be true, it probably is. And those free Costco gift cards, free Southwest Airlines tickets, and many other giveaways are nothing but a tease.
  4. Sexy Stories. Sex will always peak people’s curiosity. From the guy who wanted revenge on his cheating ex-girlfriend to the alleged web-cam in Justin Bieber’s bedroom, it’s all a scam. While curiosity can kill the cat, it can also wreak havoc on your Facebook account.
  5. Breaking News. Cybercriminals are quick to capitalize on the latest headlines and human nature, just like the recent death of Whitney Houston. They lure unsuspecting users by offering secret information like showing an exclusive autopsy video that explains the real cause of Whitney’s death. Nothing spreads faster than celebrity gossip, so the next time you find yourself looking for information on the latest celebrity, try something other than Facebook.
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As a secret nerd, Samantha keeps close tabs on trends, threats, and headlines in IT security to keep you safe from the bad guys. She believes knowledge is power, so Samantha is always on the lookout for new ideas, tips, and best practices to challenge convention and inspire change.

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