Southwest Airlines Scam Circles Back Around

Southwest Airlines Scam Circles Back Around

It was around this time last year that Southwest offered a similar promotion. All you have to do is share the link with your friends. Then you’re whisked off to a webpage that tells you that you’ve won an iPad2 Color, a cruise or a trip to the Mediterranean. Unbelievable! Yeah… it is actually.

Facebook users receive a mountain of special offers every day. Maybe you’ve seen this one pop up once or twice. Once again Southwest Airlines is offering two free tickets to travel anywhere in the USA. Wow! It really pays to be a Facebook user. Or does it?

This is another Facebook scam. It’s sad but true. The scammers are trying to make money by getting you to visit a specific site. They’re paid commission for every survey completed, every product purchased, and for every account compromised.

Sometimes these sites install malware on your computer without you even knowing. Depending on the type, it might sneak past your anti-virus software, giving control of your machine to the hackers. Yikes. How can your protect yourself? The next time you see an offer that’s too good to be true – remember – it probably is. Google the offer and see what results show up. If it’s a scam, Google will tell you. Use caution when exercising your clicker finger.


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