No Guts. No Glory.

No Guts. No Glory.

In today’s world change is happening faster than we can blink. We are living in a constant state of disruption. And we’re feeling the effects of change. I mean come on – It’s easy to be confident when you have all your ducks in a row. But when your ducks start swimming out of line, it becomes easy to falter. To feel the fear. To start second guessing yourself and sometimes to retreat back into the safety of the comforting world you know. But that’s where things get interesting.

When this happens you need to rely on something I like to call guts. It’s the willingness to take a risk even when you know it’s a leap of blind faith. You do it anyways because you believe the reward on the other side just might be worth the risk. It’s a great lesson in life and in business. Let’s face it. We’re paid to be uncomfortable… to try new things and to find new ways of getting things done. And this requires a boatload of courage.

So as you start your day today, make a promise to yourself. Have the guts to fail… and fail fast. Or maybe even fail often. Leaders who are willing to take risks, accept that fact that some risks are bound to fail. When that happens, there’s always a valuable lesson to be learned about what can be done better. And then you pick yourself back up and get back on the horse to do it all over again… this time just a little bit wiser and a little bit more confident.

Go with your gut. Hold your confidence high. Get out there and take some risks.

About The Author

Samantha Shah

As a secret nerd, Samantha keeps close tabs on trends, threats, and headlines in IT security to keep you safe from the bad guys. She believes knowledge is power, so Samantha is always on the lookout for new ideas, tips, and best practices to challenge convention and inspire change.

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