Lessons From Around The World: Digital Textbooks

Lessons From Around The World: Digital Textbooks

It’s obvious we’re in the Digital Age. And it’s changing the way we learn every day all over the world. South Korea has committed to spending $2 billion to convert all textbooks in the public school system to digital textbooks by the year 2015. This project isn’t new. It’s actually been in development and testing since it was first announced in 2007.

Digital textbooks bring a lot of advantages over paper versions. Books can be quickly and easily updated, as opposed to print versions, which gives schools a more sustainable way to give students the information they need.  More importantly, digital textbooks incorporate much more than just traditional text. They also contain multimedia videos and content that measures comprehension, so they can accommodate a wider variety of learning styles and abilities.

Call me a nerd, but I love reading about change outside North America. It’s a good ego-check to realize that North America isn’t always as the most advanced place in the world, as we often like to believe. In fact, sometimes there’s a lot we can stand to learn from our neighbours.

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An eternal student, Jennifer gets her kicks observing, analyzing, and writing about people and culture. When away from the HR Department at Faronics she can be found enjoying good food, Android smartphone in hand.

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