Making Friends With Fear

Making Friends With Fear

Fear is running rampant hiding around every corner we turn. Sure something bad could happen if you take a risk that doesn’t pan out. But something bad can also happen when you’re playing it safe. So how much sense does it really make to live in fear? Good question.  Well one of the most interesting things about fear is that the things that make you scared are often the things that teach you the most.

It’s easy to run away from your fears. After all they are in fact scary. But the things you find yourself avoiding are usually the things you need to be doing the most. It could be fear of rejection, failure or public speaking. Or maybe it’s a difficult conversation or putting yourself out there, but it means you’re going to have to get uncomfortable. Whatever it is, one thing is clear. You’re going to have stand outside of the safety of the known and venture off into somewhere you don’t really want to go.

The other interesting thing to note about fear is that most people tend to shy away from it. In turn, this means there’s even less people pushing themselves to reach the next level. So if you want to reach the next level of greatness, you have to be willing to do what others are simply not willing to do. In this case, this means feeling the fear, taking a deep breath, and forging ahead anyways.

They say that courage is not the absence of fear but the judgment to know that something is more important. So the next time you find yourself standing in the doorway feeling the fear, keep on going. If life leaves clues, then this is actually a sign that you’re on the right track to getting to a better place. Remembering that what lies on the other side of facing your fears is always a far greater reward than staying in the safety zone.

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Samantha Shah

As a secret nerd, Samantha keeps close tabs on trends, threats, and headlines in IT security to keep you safe from the bad guys. She believes knowledge is power, so Samantha is always on the lookout for new ideas, tips, and best practices to challenge convention and inspire change.

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